Get Seen, Remembered,

Attorney War Room (AWR) provides the expert digital marketing strategy and resources you need to get seen, remembered and hired!

AWR may be a good fit if you want to:

  • Attract more of your best clients
  • Get the biggest bang for your marketing buck
  • Stand out in a crowded, highly-competitive market
  • Show up in search engines and on social media
  • Turn your website into a lead generation machine
  • Grow your firm and personal brand recognition
  • Attract more referrals

This is important because...

The Market is Stacked
Against You

Most law firms are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to attracting new clients.

The top few firms in any market have deep pockets with high-end marketing agencies on retainer. They've got broad name recognition and extensive referral networks.

Your biggest rivals pour money into traditional channels like PR, TV, radio, billboards, bus ads, and more.

They've got dedicated social media managers. Their budget for paid search advertisements on Google alone is more than the entire marketing budget for over 75% of the other firms in the market.

They also dominate web search rankings and have dozens of positive online reviews...

How do you stand a chance of getting noticed?

First, you don't play by their rules.

They go broad, you go narrow.

They want the whole pie...and that's their biggest vulnerability. You take the slice you want and you keep growing it.

Before they know what has happened, you've got an impenetrable lock on the best prospects in your market.

Then you take another slice...

But you'll need help to pull this off. How do we know? Because we run one of the agencies the A players hire.

Our expertise is helping clients become (or stay) market leaders and achieve quick wins. That's why our average client has been with us for over six years and sees a significant ROI on their digital marketing investments.

We help clients achieve record-breaking lead volume and lower their cost per client. We help them dominate their markets.

That's why we want to help YOU...

Grow Your Practice with
Smarter Digital Marketing

It's hard to find good help these days. It's even harder to find it all under one roof.

The top vendors have exclusive relationships with the largest firms in the market, and remaining vendors don't have the expertise to deliver great results.

Even the best vendors rarely implement a powerful digital strategy for their clients.

Yet, an effective strategy and action plan are the most important elements for your marketing success!

That's where Attorney War Room comes in...

Get the expert guidance to ensure your success. Together, we'll develop a digital strategy and action plan to achieve your goals.

We're always focused on two things...reaching your goals and dealing with the top challenges getting in your way.

I've spent the past two decades helping some of the largest and fastest growing businesses in the U.S. use the Internet to increase their success. Rest assured, you're in good hands.

There are two ways we work with attorneys:

  1. Through Attorney War Room, our exclusive consulting program
  2. Through Sterling Talon, our digital agency, for strategy AND implementation

If you think you could benefit from us working together, choose the ideal option below and we'll explore the possibility...


Working with Attorney War Room means getting the step-by-step, expert guidance and support you need to grow faster.

With Attorney War Room, there's no more guessing how to stand out, grow your brand, and attract more clients.

Month-after-month, we help you with your marketing strategy and action plan.

We're going to take a deep dive into your specific situation, and guide you every step of the way. We'll focus on where you want to go, what's in your way, and the best approach to maximize your success.

We'll schedule online meetings / calls every month, and you can reach out in between calls if you are ever stuck or need additional guidance and support.

Our team is like your personal board of directors. Your success is our only goal and top priority. 

Attorney War Room is intentionally kept to a small group. 



We are still accepting clients into our full strategy and implementation programs on the agency side. However, we don't have additional client slots open for our AWR consulting program at this time.

See the Agency details (to the right or below), and click on the button to book a call with Sterling Talon if you are interested. 


Working with our agency means hitting the ground running, achieving quick wins, and constantly building on your success.

Sterling Talon's unique digital marketing programs are unlike anything the legal industry has seen before.

That's why your competition will not see us coming...

And we're relentless. We never stop working on your behalf, and we're always adjusting to improve your results.

We handle everything for you from branding and messaging, to web design and technology, to search, content, and social channels, to landing pages, marketing funnels, email campaigns, and more.

It's all part of a seamless strategy that we customize and implement for you month-after-month. That's how we achieve record-breaking success for our clients.

Yet, this isn't for everyone...

Due to our exclusivity and processes, we only seek long-term relationships. When we work with you, we're essentially saying "No" to all other firms in your market.

Keep in mind, we only take on a few clients per quarter. Our business model requires that we know your practice, your market, and your competition deeply to maximize your success.

If you are interested in having us work with you to build and implement your marketing strategy, let's schedule a "Client Accelerator" strategy call. We'll dive into your specific situation and identify the best approach to quickly reach your goals. There is no charge for the call, and you'll gain clarity and a customized plan.


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